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The Mosaic Magic of St Isaacs Cathedral – St. Petersburg

(4 min read) St. Petersburg is home to some of the biggest Christian Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe, housing a glittering array of lustrous artwork, incredible architecture and biblical scenes depictions.

St. Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia Mosaic frescos
St. Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

St Isaacs Cathedral is by far the largest and most world-renowned for its stunning mosaic décor. The gorgeous, classic, decorative wall art that envelopes the interior of St Isaacs actually inspired the revival of mosaic art in Russia in the 19th Century, adding up to 62 separate masterpieces in total, covering 500 square meters!

Saint Isaacs Mosaic Artwork craftsmanship and St. Isaacs's Cathedral
Everything about this place is grand, from its size, craftsmanship, and architecture, to its opulent finery.

The bottom level of St Isaacs is adorned with mosaics based on sketches by T. A Neff; depicting linen-robed saints and famous, dramatic biblical scenes among its grand gold pillars and marble walls.

Gorgeous mosaic art frescos at St. Isaacs Cathedreal the product of patience, dedication and immense skill.
Several tiers boast a range of almost unimaginable scenes made in mosaics, the product of patience, dedication, and immense skill.

Stunning Architecture and beautiful mosaic murals at
Stunning Architecture and beautiful murals

The second tier of the cathedral focuses on the “Passions of Christ” and the four evangelists.

St. Isaac's Architecture
As though one looks up to the heavens, St Isaacs’ architecture is one of a kind and holy in its beauty.

The stunning beauty of St. Isaacs’ dome made of decorative mosaic wall art.
The stunning beauty of St. Isaacs’ dome

Mosaic murals and warm colours make a truly renaissance scene at St. Isaacs Cathedral, Russia.
Chandeliers, murals, and warm colors make a truly renaissance scene.

Gorgeous Mosaic Murals at Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Gorgeous Mosaic Murals

The mosaic replacements were an ingenious way to re-imagine classic church art, the holy scenes could be reconceptualized. Placing tile and smelt where oil paint used to reside protected the mural art from fading, and water damage and surged the interior with a unique style.

A stunning mosaic fresco depicting angels and saints at St. Isaacs' Cathedral, Russia
A beautiful, painting-like mosaic fresco depicting angels and saints.

A beautiful example of this mosaic replacement is the portrayal of “The Last Supper”; referenced with sketches from mosaic artists I.P Kudrin, the decorative wall art is gorgeously renaissance, echoing Leonardo Da Vinci’s own conceptualization of the biblical scene.

To achieve the wonderfully rich color palate; a complex series of techniques were used; small pieces of colored Smalti in over 12 000 colors were used to achieve the rich color gradients in the skin and metallic tones, creases in clothing and lighting effects, meticulously placed to achieve a perfect effect when viewed from afar. A similar effect can be seen in more complex pixelated art which comes together to form a gradient when viewed at a distance, regardless of its individual tiles.

“The Last Supper” mosaic fresco and wall art decoration
“The Last Supper”; a beautiful reconceptualization of the classic Da Vinci.

The decorative wall art in St Isaac’s is renowned for its perfection, the quality of craftsmanship involved granted it high praise in the 1862 World Exhibition; in London; where it was noted that the Russians “reached perfection in the making of Smalti unmatched elsewhere in Europe”.

A mosaic fresco of Jesus surrounded by his disciples at St. Isaacs' Cathedral in Russia.
A mosaic fresco of Jesus surrounded by his disciples.

A holy figure made up entirely out of tiny square tiles of mosaic smalti at St. Isaacs' Cathedral, Russia.
Strangely moving, ineffably human, and almost touchable, it is hard to imagine this holy figure is made up entirely of tiny square tiles.

When we look at the incredibly intricate portrayal of biblical mosaic fresco, we see blood under sheer skin, glistening eyes, deep textures in fine robes; the work of true mosaic mastery.

A mosaic wall art fresco of Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene mosaic fresco.
A religious mosaic artwork of The last supper.
The last supper mosaic reproduction.

Are you feeling inspired to enrich your soul with the decorative wall art of orthodox Eastern Europe?




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