Summer_Mosaic_Mural - Mosaic_Mural - Contemporary_Mosaic_Mural
10 Jul 2024

Breathtaking Summer-Inspired Mosaic Murals: Our Top Picks

(5 min read) Ahhh summer! Skimpy skirts, backyard waterslides, melting ice creams, and coconutty (pun intended) smell of suncream. Summer vibes are at their all-time high, so it’s the perfect time to give everything our own unique spin, with mosaic art of course. Those of you who cannot go on

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03 Jul 2024

Unveiling the Future: The Hottest Must-Have Decor Items for 2024

(5 min read) Nothing is more fun than exploring new horizons through emerging hot trends. Well…maybe there are one or two more exciting things, but we’re not here for that. It is always a good time for reevaluating our past and experimenting with new elements. Keeping that in mind, there

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26 Jun 2024

Glass Tiles: What Dream Interiors Are Made Of

(5 min read) So how are you doing? How’s that coffee you’re drinking from that glass cup working for you? How about those glasses you’re reading this 9-sized font with? Or that glass-coated LCD screen you’re reading this on? Uh-huh, glass-made magic is everywhere baby, and for a good reason.

Interior_Design_Trends - Mosaic_Mural_Artwork - Interior_Design_Mistakes
19 Jun 2024

Interior Design Mistakes You Should Avoid This Season

(5 min read) No one can fully deny that interior design is an art form in its own right. From acquiring a professional education to working for years on transforming people’s homes into a beloved oasis of comfort and style, interior designers certainly have their work cut out for them.

H.Mosaic_Tile_Backsplash - Kitchen_Backsplash - Tile_Mosaic_Backsplash
14 Jun 2024

Mosaic Tile Backsplash For Kitchens

(4 min read) The kitchen backsplash should be an integral part of every well-designed kitchen. It is a vital part in terms of both design and practicality. Traditionally every kitchen backsplash is made either of regular or mosaic tiles. Considering that a kitchen backsplash can make or break your kitchen,

Mosaic_Mural - Mosaic_Wall_Art - Contemporary_Mosaic_Artwork
05 Jun 2024

The Therapeutic Effect of Mosaic Wall Art 

(5 min read) In recent years, mental well-being has become the imperative of modern society, and rightfully so. We are surrounded by technology, and while it makes our lives easier in many ways, it also induces our everyday struggles with even more stressful situations. One of the greatest stress relievers

27 May 2024

Mosaic Tile Floor Designs That Will Elevate Your Interiors…And Raise Your Home Value

(5 min read) We’ve covered mosaic tile floors through several articles and from various standpoints in our blog. That is only natural if you keep in mind that interior design trends are constantly changing and evolving. As much as a particular design feature or item is timeless and classy, there

H.Floor_Mosaic_Artwork - Outdoor_Floor_Mosaic - Floor_Mosaic_Tiles
17 May 2024

Bring Your Garden And Patio To Life With Vibrant Mosaic Art

(5 min read) Experienced gardeners often say that a garden is never finished and we couldn’t agree more. Unlike your interior which you don’t have to redesign and renovate every year, your garden demands at least a slight redesign at the beginning of every warm season. If your peace lilies

h.Bathroom_Trends - Bathroom_Interiors - Bathroom_Backsplashes - Bathroom_Tiles
08 May 2024

2024 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

(5 min read) From dopamine decor to sculptural lighting, 2024 is definitely proving to be sizzling with innovative ideas and bold trends, and bathroom interiors are no exception. Remodeling your good-ole baby-blue bathroom in such a climate can be quite challenging, but we are here to make sure your bathroom

Home_Renovation - Mosaic_Tiles - Home_Decoration
16 Apr 2024

Important Tips That Will Make Your Home Renovation A Breeze

(5 min read) Ah, spring! Birds are singing, bees are hitting the distortion pedal, and home remodelling ideas are in the air. (So are ambrosia and other allergens, but let’s keep it positive) Tackling any home remodelling project can be problematic if you do not know where to start, but

Swimming_pool_tiles - Swimming_Pool_Mosaic_Tiles - Mosaic_Tiles_For_Swimming_Pool
03 Apr 2024

Revitalize Your Backyard Oasis: Springtime Pool Renovation Guide

(7 min read) The weather is getting hotter, people are getting naked-er (not a word!), and Starbucks put out a new Lavender Creme Frappuccino. All of the signs for the beginning of a pool renovation season are here. Whether your pool has that look of an older racist gentleman with

H.Kitchen_Mosaic_Backsplash - Kitchen_Mosaic_Tiles - Kitchen_Backsplash
22 Mar 2024

Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash Fits All Of The Kitchen Trends In 2024

(5 min read) The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it’s no wonder interior designers think of new kitchen trends every year. However, unlike bedroom and living room renovations that can be done pretty quickly and without breaking the budget, kitchen renovations are always very expensive and time-consuming.

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17 Mar 2024

5 Anticipated Interior Design Trends Stealing The Spotlight This Year

(5 min read) Welcome to your favorite fortune teller. Grab a seat, give us your palms, and let’s begin… In this gloriously witty and smart article, we will do our best to predict the future. We’ve consulted some designer trade show notes, some inspiring ideas from all over the web,

Mosaic_Mural - Mosaic_Tiles - Mosaic_Scenery_Murals
29 Feb 2024

Bring Nature Inside With Our Stunning Mosaic Landscape Murals

(4 min read) Landscapes have always posed a challenge for artists. To the layman’s eye, the subject may seem pretty straightforward. You see gorgeous scenery and use your talent and art supplies to recreate it, whether with pen, charcoal, paint, camera, or mosaic tiles. Oh, but don’t forget to pour

H.Bathroom_interiors - Bathroom_Design - Contemporary_Bathroom_Design
01 Feb 2024

Make 2024 Stylishly Eco-friendly Starting With Your Bathroom

(5 min read) New years should be all about new resolutions and fresh beginnings. Most of us are already considering redesigns and renovations, so our home fits our new mindset. However, as much as I’m all for embracing positive changes, there are some glorious trends we implemented in 2023, that

Interior_Design_Trends - 2024_Color_Scheme - Interior_Decor_Trends
05 Jan 2024

Color Schemes That Will Steal The Show In 2024

(4 min read) Design trend forecasters from all over the globe are currently tuning into the pop-culture zeitgeist, giving their best clairvoyant trend predictions for 2024. As a company that has always been at the forefront of current and timeless design solutions, MosaicsLab has acquired the first results. Let’s dive into