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Mosaic_Memories - Mosaic_Mural_Artwork
23 Mar 2023

The amazing Mosaic of Memories: Naples Pier Project

(4 min read) Last month Florida’s eminent art dealer Emillions Art finalized and presented the glorious result of the Mosaic of Memories: Naples Pier Project. This noble and inventive action was aimed at restoring the Naples community and celebrating the resilience and strength of the city itself. Needless to say,

Mosaic_Artwork_Turkey - Turkey_Ancient_Mosaics - Ancient_Mosaic_Artwork
17 Mar 2023

Honoring Turkey’s Mosaic Art

(4 min read) Several earthquakes shook southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6th. The humanitarian and social aftershocks have been catastrophic and devastating. It is estimated that at least 50,000 people died, and millions lost their homes. It’s been over a month and it seems the world has gone

Bathroom_Mosaic_Artworks - Bathroom_Backsplash - Bathroom_Tiles
10 Mar 2023

Bathroom Tiles Trends That Will Make A Splash In 2023

(5 min read) Predicting design trends that will dominate the market in the foreseeable future is always tricky. Popularity is fickle and what looks great today may end up looking tacky tomorrow. Needless to say, one should be wary when choosing a permanent design solution, such as bathroom tiles. Experts

Mosaics_Lab_Mural_Artwork - Mosaic_Design - Custom_Mosaic_Artworks
03 Mar 2023

Mosaics Lab Awarded Best of Houzz Award 2023

(4 min read) Yes, you’ve read that title correctly. it is no mistake: Mosaics Lab has indeed won the Best of Houzz Award for the third consecutive time: And we didn’t even have to go owl-worshiping in Bohemian Grove! I mean, they called, but we flat-out said: “NO!” Yes, we

Bathroom_Floor_Tiles - Tiles_For_Bathroom - Mosaic_Bathroom_Tiles
25 Feb 2023

5 Great Cost-effective Bathroom Flooring Ideas

(5 min read) In most rooms, in your home choosing proper flooring comes down to appearance. You want your living room floor to look great while you chill with your loved ones watching TV. You want your dining room floor to look elegant and dazzle your dinner guests during the



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