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Giulio Menossi’s Dynamic Mosaics That Tell Stories

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Starting from his over 40 years long experience in the Venetian technique, Giulio Menossi developed his own great and expressive mosaic process, by creating stories through his mosaic artworks. His love for creating things improvising, transforming emotions into colors and emotional mosaics, brought him to everyone’s love and attention. And now being member of the most prestigious exhibition juries in the field, Menossi still acts as master mosaicist in special workshops and he still manages to work in his personal laboratory in Udine, Italy.

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What would you like to tell us about yourself?

I started working in Milan when I was 19. In 1974 I had the good fortune to cross a great master Domenico Coledani in my path. From him I learned the secrets of the technique and the many ways to work with cards and with the materials. I worked with him for 40 years and even now we sometimes collaborate together. At the same time having a regular daily work of 9-10 hours, I have always “cultivated” my personal way of making mosaic. And I always imagined that one day mosaic could become art –  art autonomous, independent, not “applied art” as it was then defined to belittle it. Now, after over 40 years, we can begin to say that “Mosaic Is Art”. Without adjectives or qualifications. I think there is still a lot of work to do to fully affirm this idea, but a great journey has been made, carrying out experimentation without forgetting the “classical” teachings.

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What would you say mosaic is for you?

I would like to start by saying what mosaic “is not” for me. It’s not pure technique. It’s not an accumulation of materials. It’s not a more or less casual space filling. It’s not fashion. It’s not the will to surprise at all costs. It’s not presumption of knowing. For me, the mosaic is My Life! It is above all passion, love, dreams, imagination, continuous research, the desire to innovate without ever losing sight of the teachings of the “Old Masters”. The mosaic is telling stories. It is involving the viewer, bringing them into my world, making them kids again, walking with them in a magical world made of colors, movements, shapes and of course harmonies!


Mosaics Lab | Tile Mosaic Artwork, Mosaic Patterns, Handmade Mosaic Art

Copyright © Giulio Menossi


What do you want to communicate to people with your mosaics?

With the dynamic mosaics, I try to involve the people who look at my works. I would like their attention not only to be kidnapped for a moment. I would like them to enter my world and look for the objects. Understand the “whys” of my choices. I want them to touch the mosaics that “move” them, that experience the pleasure of being involved in some way in building a work of art, who participate in the performance of the work. I want to tell stories. Without worrying about being original, without thinking about what people will think. I want children’s eyes: eyes that are amazed with open hearts.
Everything else does not belong to me.

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What’s the idea of Dynamic Mosaics?

Dynamic was born to make the idea of ​​movement, to be dynamic in the shapes, in the colors, in the titles, in the objects that I insert. The idea is for the mosaics to be as dynamic as life.
I imagined and thought of the dynamic mosaics already in the mid-70s, but the path to its realization was long, very long. I have traveled many roads before I understood how and what to do. And in 2000 it was born. The idea has come to life. And now I am here with all these shapes and colors. Where nothing is due to the case, where everything is fruit of determined and precise choices. I have never tried to amaze the public with improbable random insertions of materials, but I have always tried to experiment and to leave a mark.

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Tell us about your dreams.

I’ve seen my dreams slowly come true. I think I am a very lucky person. I fought a lot, sometimes I risked succumbing. I’ve always been a lone wolf who walked on the edge of the woods, away from the packs. I think this was also partly my luck. I did not let myself be contaminated by those who felt strong just because they were many. I spent nights in tears, sometimes the desire to abandon everything, but I had a dream! I am where i am today because of this dream. But I still have suitcases full of desires. Now I want  to fly a little higher. Fly more freely, be more imaginative. I would like to be able to print my second book in which to tell the story of dynamic mosaics. I would like some international exhibition to exhibit at least 20-25 dynamic mosaics to tell and explain a story that started over 40 years ago. I would like the art of the mosaic to enter the main door in museums. I would like to have eyes as a child to look at the colors of life. Now I try to continue to make my world, the mosaic world, all the passion that has guided me here.

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What would your advice be to younger generation of mosaicists and mosaic lovers?

Right now I do not see many new trends. I see a lot of confusion. Many young people who do more or less the same things with the same techniques with very little creativity. Many only make copies from photographs, fill only the space. I see a lot of excitement but a lot of craftsmanship with little art and few dreams and little imagination. But I still think, that this is all important to make the movement grow. I think that in the next years we will see the real talents. For now, among the new lovers of the mosaic, I see only a great deal of presumption. The real problem is that at this moment in the mosaic world everything feels great – innovators, artists, creators. But I do not see many new trends.  In my lectures I always conclude by saying that “You must believe in your dream, cultivate day after day your talent and especially you MUST tell stories.”

Mosaics Lab | Tile Mosaic Artwork, Mosaic Patterns, Handmade Mosaic Art

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We surely hope you enjoyed reading Menossi’s one of a kind interview. Just like his mosaics, here too, he gave stories and emotions trying to give his readers a chance to walk in his own shoes. And you can feel free to drop your questions to our mosaicists and we will make sure to cover them all.

Now, go ahead and check some Menossi’s talkative mosaic tile art here. Since you know him a little better now, you will totally enjoy his stories from his mosaic artworks.


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Like this? Please share and “SUBSCRIBE” to catch the next one. Follow our story as it unfolds on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest We add new works every day, check our latest Mosaic Art collection.
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Lilit Ghukasyan

Lilit Ghukasyan


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