Why Choose Mosaics Lab

Mosaics Lab provides you with unique premium quality mosaic tiles that will grace your interiors for decades to come. From statement walls to murals, kitchen or bathroom backsplashes to floor medallions or tile rugs and swimming pool tiles, we're here to help you elevate your space.

All Our Artwork Is Handcrafted

Our mosaic artworks are handmade with the finest quality natural stone and glass materials.

Original Mosaic Art For Any Budget

We take great pride in our vast selection of mosaic artworks at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and a variety of projects you may have in mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 100% money-back guarantee allows you to shop with ease and confidence.

We’ll Ship To You Anywhere In The World For Free

We’ll handle all aspects of global shipping, and make sure that you receive your order hassle-free.

Get yourself a stunning original mosaic

Elevate your space with Mosaics Lab

Mosaics Lab stands out to help you elevate your interiors with authentic and unique mosaics

Originality in all spheres of mosaic art

While some focus on mass production, we’ve decided to thrive on originality and uniqueness.

Global Mosaic Selection

We carry a vast selection of stunning mosaic artworks handcrafted with the highest premium materials. Each of our mosaics is carefully cut, shaped, and fitted to ensure the absolute best quality.

Endless Customization Options

With Mosaics Lab, you can be certain that you will get exactly the mosaic art you’ve imagined. Our skilled mosaic artists are ready to work with you and help create the mosaic artwork that will 100% fit your vision and interiors.

Get Help Along The Way

We offer free consultations and guidance from dedicated expert advisors, interior designers, and curators that will help you get the mosaic artwork you need.

World Class Customer Support

Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by a dedicated and experienced customer support professional, so you're never in it alone!

5 Star Reviews

We have over 3150, 5-star reviews from happy verified customers spread across 7 continents in over 90+ countries.

30+ Years of Experience

Every piece of mosaic artwork made by our mosaic artists is a masterfully crafted story. Our mosaic craftspeople are internationally acclaimed mosaic experts whose stunning masterpieces can be seen in galleries and homes all over the world.

Lifetime Warranty

Mosaics Lab products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to make sure your mosaic artwork lasts for literally hundreds of years, and we stand behind each one.

Mosaics Lab - The ethical approach

Mosaics Lab is committed to changing the world one tile at a time. Mosaic artworks that are beautiful both inside and out bring us one step closer to a better world. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, our tiles and packaging are sustainable and ethically sourced and are 100% traceable

A team of experts

We provide you with the best-customized mosaics, crafted by experienced, world-renowned mosaicists. Our team consists of highly skilled interior designers, project managers, and customer support professionals equipped with a vast array of resources and thorough know-how to ensure you end up with unmatched mosaic artwork.


You are at the center of our operation. From brainstorming to an overall holistic approach to the project, you will be given guidance and advice by our team of expert curators and mosaicists. The team operates with a genuine sense of innovation and exploration, which makes any problem-solving easy, creative, and fun.

Ahead of the trend

Our team of dedicated consultants is focused on what is currently driving the interior design market and what would shape it in the future. Not only we are committed to designing and crafting amazing mosaics for you, but also trendy artworks that you will fall in love with over and over again.


Transparency is at the basis of our business. We are committed to being open and straightforward about all of the operations we partake in in order to create innovative mosaic artworks that will elevate your interiors for years to come. From the fair treatment of our employees to the conscious sourcing of our materials, we are committed to the earth, to the quarry workers, to you, and, to ourselves to being forthcoming about our operation and continue working toward earning and keeping your trust.

Giving back

From funding primary schools to digging freshwater wells in rural mining communities, Mosaics Lab is committed to making the world a better place for future generations. Mosaics Lab is relentlessly working with its partners to raise awareness about climate change and fight deforestation and the further destruction of the rainforest. That is why we partnering with onetreeplanted.org, one of the leading organizations focused on global reforestation. For every mosaic artwork sold, we plant trees. We're aiming to plant 1 million trees by 2025.

Elevate your walls, floors, and swimming pool with a stunning mosaic

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