About Mosaics Lab

Make your vision a sparkling new reality

When a mosaicist father and his two aspiring sons got together one afternoon to establish what will eventually become Mosaics Lab, they had two goals in mind: elevating the art of mosaic-making and making it accessible to a wider audience, while also having a positive impact on the world. With a shared passion for this ancient art form, they set out to create stunning and unique mosaic pieces that tell stories and evoke emotions.

About Mosaics Lab

What we do

At Mosaics Lab, we believe in the potential of your space, and we’re here to help transform it into a high-quality work of art. We know that mosaics have the power to transform our every day. And we believe there’s no place too big, small, or remote to be made better with tiles. That's why we create art for you to walk all over, splash all over, lean all over, and look all over. We invest in high-quality, handcrafted tiles, offer infinite designs through customization, deliver to your doorstep and offer great customer support, so you'll love every bit of your mosaic.

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How we do it

Our team consists of highly skilled mosaic masters, interior design consultants, and art curators that are equipped with a vast array of resources, thorough know-how, and extensive industry experience, to ensure you end up with an unmatched mosaic masterpiece. We’re committed to bringing you high-end mosaics that you’ll be proud to display. So if you find yourself bragging about your new art to strangers in the streets, buses, and waiting rooms, then we’ll have done our job right.

Our craftsmanship

We are set on creating stunning and original mosaics with you and for you. Our team of mosaic artists works on every piece with unwavering focus because every piece should delight its owner every day for at least a lifetime. Our diverse portfolio is rich with mosaic masterpieces made with creativity, inspiration, and unmatched quality. We obsess over the tiniest details like how the piece would look from different angles and different daylight, the overall quality, and esthetics to ensure you fall in love with your mosaic mural, backsplash, or swimming pool over and over again.

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Values we live by

Mosaics Lab was founded on the idea of a transparent, sustainable, and compassionate interior design industry. We believe in creating mosaic art you can display proudly, without ever compromising between quality and morals.

The ethical approach

When we saw too many loopholes in general standards in the interior design industry, we decided to create standards of our own. We are committed to maintaining complete transparency and keeping all of our stones, marble, and glass materials traceable and ethically sourced. With us, you are creating mosaics that are both gorgeous and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

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Diversity is in our DNA

We believe diversity creates better value, delivers superior client experiences, and creates innovative and unique solutions for the clients we serve. Learn more about how we embrace the power of a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment.

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Our Commitment

Caring about the planet and staying eco-friendly are engraved in our business philosophy. We are committed to investing in initiatives that support the environment, regulate quarrying, and to giving back to the communities of our workers. From building freshwater wells, and planting trees to funding schools, we are adamant about making the world a better place for all communities.

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Transform your walls, floors, backsplashes and swimming pool into a work of art with our breathtaking mosaic designs.

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