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Throughout the years we have established an unparalleled selection of mosaic artworks crafted by some of the best mosaic artists in the world. Whether you are looking for a particular topic based on style, subject, room or application – you will find it here!

All Our Art is Handcrafted
Our mosaics are made of the finest quality natural stone materials by artisans who’ve learned the skill of crafting from their fathers and forefathers. Each mosaic artwork is created by an experienced hand, carefully cut, shaped and fitted to ensure the absolute best quality.

Original Art For Any Budget
Here at Mosaics Lab we take great pride in our vast selection of mosaic artworks at a wide range of prices to suit all of the budgets and projects you may have in mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our 100% money-back guarantee allows you to shop with ease and confidence. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return it and we’ll help you find a mosaic artwork you love.

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We’ll handle all aspects of global shipping, and make sure that you receive your order hassle-free and in one piece, so to speak.

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We’ll ensure you get your mosaic on time, regardless of where you are.

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Whether you want to start building your very own private mosaic art collection or you are just looking to acquire a single piece to complement your interior, or looking for the latest mosaic backsplash to add to your kitchen or bathroom, Mosaics Lab’s expert curators, dedicated interior designers and master mosaicists are all at your disposal for no extra charge. In consultation with all these available resources, your personal curator will handpick for you a wide variety of mosaic artworks making sure that they fit your needs.

Michelangelo’s “I couldn’t give you something mediocre even if that’s all you asked for.” Is the moto we operate by.

– Mosaics Lab

Meet Our Mosaic Maestros

Eileen McDonough

From her early beginnings as a corporate figure to grand mosaic exhibitions in Portugal and USA, Eileen’s story is that of diversity and success. She fell in love with the ancient art of mosaic making over two decades ago and that love keeps thriving to this day.Her impeccable use of colors and choice of versatile contemporary topics are what established her as a mosaic artist. A unique approach to contrast, as well as sensible background building, elevate Eileen McDonough at the very top of the modern mosaic art.

Dany Shas

Dany’s love for mosaic art was established early on in his life when he first crafted his very first mosaic at the age of seven. He started his artistic journey under the skilled and dedicated tutelage of his father, by creating somewhat easy and simple subjects, such as architectural designs and different patterns. During the past 19 years, Dany kept bettering his exquisite skill and expanding his portfolio.Today Dany Shas is one of the few extremely talented mosaicists in the world who can craft breathtaking and technically difficult portraits

Mo A Rameez

With over 30 years of experience as a mosaic artist, Mo Arameez is undoubtedly one of the best mosaic artists of today. For him mosaic art is more than just a profession, it is a cultural accolade that is deeply rooted in his family tradition. Today Mo is a professional mosaicist, but he learned the great art of mosaic-making by watching his skilled grandfather crafting Roman-style mosaics in his small workshop in the village where he grew up. Although he is versatile in terms of style, his love of ancient mosaic techniques is still prevalent to this day.

Sara Stevenson

Sara Stevenson’s adventure as a mosaic artist started over three decades ago in a lovely workshop in Ravena, Italy. Since then she has been creating mosaic artworks in completely different styles, multiplying her own focus. Today her portfolio is one of the most colorful artistic platforms you can find. When she is not creating stunning mosaic art, she likes to drink coffee and read about astronomy.

Sophie Laroche

Sophie Laroche has over 25 years of experience creating museum quality mosaic artwork one intricate piece at a time. She fell in love with the ancient art of mosaic-making by watching her grandfather crafting remarkable mosaics in his studio in Aix en Provence, France. Aside from being a glorified professional mosaicist, Sophie also enjoys Palette knife painting and loves abstract designs.

Lorenzo De Rosso

This proud and amazing Italian mosaicist has been creating his marvelous mosaic legacy for more than 35 years crafting one glorious masterpiece after the other. His biggest passion is translating paintings into mosaic artwork because it is his way of making them eternal. Lorenzo is also an avid ancient history buff, which can often be recognized in the scenes depicted in some of his mosaic artwork. Mosaics such as Michelangelo’s Piet and Klimt’s Virgins strongly express Lorenzo’s love for both history and classical painting.

Angelo Fabbri

Angelo Fabbri had the luck of growing up in Ravena, the capital of mosaic art. He was just a child when he first became interested in learning the ancient techniques of mosaic art and ever since he got his first glimpse into intricacy of the craftsmanship his love for mosaics just kept growing. Today, Angelo Fabbri has over 40 years of experience as a mosaicist and his memorable mosaic pieces can be seen all over the world. Grab him over coffee and hear how excited he is to teach his grandkid the wonderful art of mosaic making.

Pamela Mauseth

Pamela Mauseth is by far one of the most versatile mosaic artists of today. Although born and raised in Seattle and based In Carnation, Washington, Pamela doesn’t have the problem with shaking of her urban roots. Never the one to back away from an artistic challenge, Pamela’s first mosaic was created for a New Skete Monastery in Cambridge, New York. The magnificent piece depicts St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio and many still can’t believe that it was done by an amateur.

Haith Dani

For Haith, mosaic art is so much more than an art form. Growing up in a small village in Syria, he learned the intricate craft of mosaic making from his father who learned it from his father before him. Haith’s passion for mosaic art started when he was a child and it has grown into 25 years of experience and remarkable craftsmanship. When he is not creating a new mosaic, Haith likes to explore his creativity by working with wood.

Nezar Stef

With over 45 years of experience in mosaic-making, Nezar has managed to push the creative boundaries both his own and those of his respective peers. Well known for his talent and marvelous skill, Nezar’s specialty lies in the tricky craftsmanship of mosaic carpets. His biggest artistic achievement is working on a large 24 x 16 sq.m. mosaic artwork for a palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE. When he is not working on a new stunning mosaic piece, Nezar likes to visit museums and art centers to observe and be inspired. He also has an astounding collection of over 1200 stones, minerals, and gemstones.

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