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H.Interior_Design - Transitional_Interior_Design - Interior_Design_Trends
25 Jul 2023

The Sudden Popularity Of Transitional Interior Design And How To Achieve It

(5 min read) Our homes and work spaces are constantly undergoing some interior changes. As our sense of style changes, molded by what’s momentarily popular and comfortable, so do our respective spaces. Needless to say, our homes usually look like they are in between two or three styles most of

H.Mosaic_Mural - Mosaic_Mural_Design - Mosaic_Mural_Artwork
18 Jul 2023

The Revival of The Gorgeous Mosaic Murals Gracing The UC Berkeley Building

(4 min read) After more than 50 years of usage as a simple storage space, the crumbling 1904 structure known as the Old Art Gallery is finally getting a much-needed revamping. Its most notable features, 18-by-10-foot colorful mosaics, are currently being repaired and restored, so that future generations of UC

Interior_Design - Design_Collaboration - Interior_Decoration
12 Jul 2023

Best Celebrity Interior Design Collabs

(5 min read) At this point in time, with everything being available to us with just a couple of clicks, our favorite celebrities seem almost like our friends. We look up to them, gossip about them, write fanfic about them, and even buy what they tell us to buy. Some

Animal_Mosaic_Mural - Lion_Mosaic_Wall_Art - Eagle_Wall_Art
05 Jul 2023

Exploring The Beauty Of Animal Mosaic Murals

(4 min read) For as long as people have been seeing animals in their habitat they wanted either to hunt, tame or depict them. Keeping that in mind it is no wonder that animal mosaics are some of the earliest examples of art ever found. Every art form has its

H.Outdoor_Mosaic_Artwork - Outdoor_Mosaics - Backyard_Decor_Ideas
28 Jun 2023

Outdoor Mosaic Art At Its Best

(5 min read) The summer is upon us (well, those of us in the northern hemisphere) and it’s time to go out and chill in the garden have some guests over on the patio, and start a book while the fountain hums in the background. Needless to say, we can



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