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The most popular swimming pool trends of 2020

(5 min read) The summer of 2020 is in full swing and if you are a pool owner you are probably already on the lookout for the popular pool upgrades and renovation ideas. We are well aware that this year has proven to be really challenging for most of us on so many levels, but that is just one more reason to try to embellish it a bit and get the best out of it. So if you want to upgrade your life by upgrading your swimming pool, we won’t judge. This year we are allowed to cut ourselves some slack and be shallow if it makes us happy.

Stunning swimming pool mosaic art
Stunning swimming pool mosaic.

Gorgeous pool mosaic butterfly artwork.
Gorgeous Pool Mosaic Butterfly. Photo by

I will start this list with my favorite trend and work my way down to my least favorite. All of these trends are very popular and gorgeous in their own ways, so rating them is a matter of personal preference more than anything else. Your pool, your rules and don’t forget to have fun once your upgrade is done! (it rhymes! omg, I’m a rapper now *insert Snoop Dog champagne-cheering gif here)

Beautiful floral pool mosaic art
Lovely floral swimming pool mosaic.

1. Pool mosaic art

The best upgrade you can add to your pool is definitely a hand-crafted mosaic finish. Nothing will increase the aesthetic value of your swimming pool quite like a fine mosaic artwork. Whether you opt to go for sea life or tribal-inspired design, or for something wild and cartoonish, your swimming pool will end up being one of a kind. Mosaic artwork never loses its charm or goes out of style, not to mention that it doesn’t require any special maintenance and its intricacy always sparks interest wherever it is featured. So, if you haven’t done that already, treat your pool with some gorgeous mosaic artwork this year!

Stunning modern pool mosaic artwork design.
Wonderful mosaic tiles. Graycliff Hotel pool, Bahamas.

Amazing floral pool mosaic artwork and design
Beautiful pool design work is done by Robert Vogland.

Ceramic mosaic artwork of water turtles for pools
Loggerhead turtle mosaic. Design by Ceramic Mosaic Art.

2. Smart lighting

Smart lighting is becoming more and more popular every year, but it has changed significantly since its first appearance a couple of years ago. Today you don’t have to settle on just one color for your pool area. The technology of lighting has evolved so much, that you can now opt for multicolor lights and you can even control their brightness. Wowing your guests has never been easier!

Beautiful swimming pool lighting.
Lovely green swimming pool lighting. Photo courtesy of Current Systems, Inc and Platinum Poolcare.

amazing colorful pool design
Colorful swimming pool lighting. Photo by Vishakha Bang.

3. Ledges and bars

Needless to say, now that we are leaving the C-monster behind us, we are all eager to get together with our families and friends. That is probably one of the main reasons why built-in ledges are a huge pool-trend this year. Your pools are no longer just for raft-floating and swimming, but for gatherings as well. Built-in seating areas can be customized to fit any pool, and you can even have barstools and benches incorporated into your swimming pool

Built in pool seats
Beautiful Built-in seats.

gorgeous swimming pool bar mosaic art
Swimming pool bar. Photo by Autumn Susan Trace.

4. Seamless pool edges

If you would like your pool to really blend with its surroundings, there is no better solution then the seamless pool edges. While the result is quite breathtaking, I really freak out every time I see this particular type of pool. I mean, if I wanted my pool to be that seamless, I’d go lake-camping or something like that. I like my swimming pool to look like one, thank you very much, but if you’re into seamless edges — go right ahead! I won’t judge. Not out loud anyway…

Seamless pool mosaic design
Seamless pool edges in the backyard. Photo courtesy of Paragon Pools.

seamless edges pool design
Seamless edges in the forest. Photo by

5. Dark pool hues

Dark swimming pool finishes seem to be all the rage this year. Mimicking the lagoon-type of setting is popular at the moment, so pools all over the world are being remodeled into irregular, rounded shapes with dark green, blue or black finishes. One of the advantages of this particular trend is that the dark tiles retain heat better, so you can save some cash on heating and be trendy with one move. However, 2020 has been gloomy enough already (the understatement of the new century), so I’m not really into this new trend. Forgive me if I want some orange, pink and turquoise in my swimming pool. I’ll pay for the heating, just keep it bright…

Dark pool tiles mosaic artwork
Dark pool tiles.

Round pool with dark mosaic tiles.
Round pool with darker tiles.

Follow our blog for more swimming pool redesign inspiration. Next week we will talk about the history of mosaic artwork in swimming pools and why this marvelous trend has prevailed for so long. We will also talk about some popular mosaic art designs in order to help you discover the perfect one for yourself.

Classic and beautiful pool mosaic art
Classic mosaic look. Photo by Photo via

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    June 25, 2020 at 8:26 pm

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    Loggerhead turtle mosaic is my favorite. But I do like the florals, too.
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