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Yes, you’ve made the hardest and most essential decision! You finally chose the tile mosaics that is going to decorate your place and give it an exceptional touch. However, the next step – installing your mosaic art – is not less important. Knowing how tough it could be we are here to give you a step by step guide with some tips and tricks from a certified tile installer and Super Service Award winner industry expert Hugh Keany with over 25 years of experience to make your mosaic installation process smoother.

handmade marble tile mosaic artwork provided by Mosaics Lab on

Step One – Preparation

Prepare the surface! Take all the necessary measurements and mark the spaces that will be covered with mosaics. Make sure you take into consideration all of the physical elements of the installation. Starting from the very simple questions like installing the mosaics inside or outside and getting to all the details of the surface even considering the temperature changes throughout all the seasons, you need to have all the answers before starting the installation process. Just like our expert Hugh says – it cannot be more emphasized the importance of proper preparation and knowledge of the surface on which the tile mosaic is to be installed. So, take your time for proper preparation.

Step Two – Applying the Adhesive

As soon as you are sure that the space is fully prepared, you can go ahead and start mixing the adhesive with water and powder and start applying it to the surface. The pro tip here is the importance of on-site organization and the ability to plan beforehand. To make it more relevant here is a simple example: it is well known that most adhesives have a relatively short “pot life”. So, from the time you mix mortar you usually have roughly 30 to 45 minutes to use it. And in order to do this effectively, you will need a well-organized area where all the necessary tools are at hand and the wet saw to cut the tile is not too far away.

handmade marble tile mosaic artwork provided by Mosaics Lab on

Step Three – Installation

Now, the most important step! Start placing your mosaic pieces to the fully adhesive-covered space and press them hard to the moist adhesive. Once, you’re done with carefully installing all the pieces, start cleaning up any unwanted surplus of adhesive. Let it dry, then go ahead and secure back any fallen pieces of your mosaics.

Step Four – Grouting

Once you feel that your tiles are dried, which can sometimes take up to 24 hours, you can start the grouting process. Apply the grout, let it dry and start cleaning it off with the excess grout. And here we go – you can finally start admiring the mosaic beauty every day.

handmade marble tile mosaic artwork provided by Mosaics Lab on

Final note from the expert: According to Hugh there are two reasons most installations fail.  Surface preparation and inappropriate or inadequate adhesive. You can surely avoid these, by educating yourself about the product you are going to use to install the marble mosaic artwork. Keep in mind that you need to carefully check all the instructions on everything you are going to use. Read how it should be used, what it is to be used to install, the temperatures under which it can be used and anything helpful that you can find. If you follow the instructions, you will surely not risk any failure later.

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Dorian Richard


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