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Mosaic Art Recommendations to fit your Bohemian Interior

(4 min read) Boho was inspired and unknowingly created by people who choose to lead unconventional and carefree lives. Bohemian interior design means your home is full of culture, life, and interesting and unusual items on display. Needless to say, this makes Boho style one of the easiest to incorporate with virtually any art form that comes to mind, including — mosaic art.

Bohemian_Mosaic_Design, Mosaic_Mural, Mosaic_Artworks
Gorgeous Boho corner with a bunch of mosaic details.

If your home is Bohemian then no two rooms in it are alike. All of your spaces are eclectic with a modern sensibility and almost palpable creativity in every corner. Messy charm, liveliness, and hippie aesthetic are what Bohemian chic is all about.

Bohemian_Mosaic_Art, Mosaic_Mural_Design, Mosaic_Tiles
Boho chic and mosaic art go hand in hand.

Bohemian style is also the very opposite of minimal and sleek, as it is based on a “more is more” philosophy. This basically makes it perfect for any mosaic art buff out there. You can go all out and do a whole wall in mosaic art, or go for mosaic floors. Your kitchen and bathroom can finally sport any type of mosaic backsplash you would like, without the fear of overdecorating.

Bohemian_Mosaic_Design, Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Tiles
Mosaic mural wall art to hype up your Boho interior even more.

Floor_Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_inlay, Mosaic_Tiles
Outside of the Boho house adorned with some glorious mosaic floor. Image source:

Although there truly are no rules when it comes to colors in Bohemian design and décor, earthy and warm tones are most common. Deep greens, browns, and greys are usually used as a base color, with some metallic and jewel tones here and there. The base is accessorized with fiery orange, saturated purple, or dramatic blue.

Table_Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Medallion, Mosaic_Art
Perfect fit for a mosaic art Bohemian buff.

Kitchen_Mosaic_Backsplash, Mosaic_Designs_For_Kitchen, Mosaic_Tiles
Wonderful Bohemian kitchen backsplash. Design by Jan Wolfe.

This basically means that you can contrast and calm the combinations down with monochromatic or pastel mosaic artwork. Mosaic art has its undeniable intricacy and detailed working for it, so you won’t lose anything with muted colors. The artwork will be as captivating as any other more colorful mosaic art.

Bathroom_Mosaic_Artwork, Bathroom_Mosaic_Backsplash, Mosaic_Tiles
Lovely mosaic art backsplash molding perfectly with its Boho surroundings.

On the other hand, you can also choose to make your mosaic artwork pop and go for an even stronger color assortment than that of the rest of your interior. This approach will further elevate your space and make it even more captivating, without blowing things out of proportion or making it tacky. Going for a single boldly colored mosaic artwork.

Mural_Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Mural, Tile_Mosaic_Art
Colorful fit for Boho, Wave of Life. Mosaic Artwork by Mosaics Lab.

Sunflower_Mosaic_Artwork, Sunflower_Mosaic_Mural, Mosaic_Tile_Design
Mosaics Lab’s sunflowers will also do a marvelous job. Mosaic Mural Art by Mosaics Lab.

Bohemian design is also all about layering textures and mixing the unlikely. Natural materials such as sisal and burlap are always welcome as well as handmade objects like kilims and macrame. This diversity is also translated to mosaic art, so you can go for any kind of mosaic material and you won’t be wrong. From lovely glass mosaic artworks to marble and ceramic masterpieces, your mosaic artwork is a matter of your own preference. That’s why it is a perfect fit for Boho style because Boho is all about adding a personal touch to your interior.

Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Mural, Mural_Mosaic_Tiles
Whether you go for vibrant glass mosaic artwork…Mosaic Artwork by Mosaic Art Now.

3D_Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Mural, 3D_Mosaic_Tiles
…or gentle 3D marble design…3D Mosaic Mural Art by Mosaics Lab.

Bohemian_Mosaic_Art, Mosaic_Mural_Design, Mosaic_Tiles
…or some interesting ceramic tile mosaic artwork, you won’t make a mistake, because Boho is all about diversity. Cup Mosaics by Jenny Lewis.

Basically, you can pick whatever topic, material, and size of mosaic art to go with your Bohemian interior, simply because there are no rules. Your Boho interior and your mosaic art will always fit. Beloved interior designer Justina Blakeney once said: “ What I love about Boho design is that anything can work — there is no “should”.”, and that sentence perfectly encompasses Boho. It’s the interior design style of the misfits, rule breakers, and mosaic art fans. *wink wink.

Mosaic_Artwork, Mosaic_Mural_Design, Mosaic_Tiles
Mosaic Art Recommendations to fit your Bohemian Interior.

Mosaic_Art, Mosaic_Mural_Artwork, Mosaic_Tiles
Mosaic Art Recommendations to fit your Bohemian Interior.




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