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How much does hiring an interior designer cost?

and do you need one?

(5 min read) In this colorful age of the 30-minute home reveals and practical (and less practical) DIY internet tutorials, any average Joe might think they have what it takes to fabulously design and decorate their home. However, once you embark on that adventure, it is likely to become an adventure of self-discovery, because you will quickly find out that interior designers are here for a reason.

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Interior design is an art form in its own right. Image source: Link

So whether you’ve rolled the dice and now you need to fix the mess you’ve made, or you want a skillful and experienced interior designer with you from the start, you will need to check your valet. Filthy-rich often say that discussing the prices is in poor taste, but we don’t really care over here, because we’re not filthy rich. Not financially anyway. We’re rich with talent, witty banter, and knowledge, and that won’t stop us from spilling the beans when it comes to interior designer fees. 

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
Interior design fees can vary, so it is important to understand before you choose. Image source: Link.  

First of all, every interior designer takes different things into consideration when creating their fee, and that’s what you need to do as well. Some designers tend to charge a commission percentage of the total cost, while others take into account the size of the project. Some designers charge hourly rates, while others have a flat rate. As a potential client, you should be informed of all those variables before you start looking for an interior designer that will meet your preferences. 

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If your design requirements include architectural features the price will be significantly higher. Image source: Link.  

Your job

Choose your style

This doesn’t mean you have to go for one particular style. Chase two or three, but make sure you’ve narrowed it down before you decide to present them t your designer. The more decisive you are the less time you’ll waste, and time is money. So hit some interior design quizzes, consult your Pinterest board, and check your phone gallery. 

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Bold colors can be tricky to work with if you are not a professional. Image source: Link.  

Establish your needs

There are always some things that MUST be incorporated into your interior. For example, you work from home, so your space has to include a desk and a chair, or you’re a fitness buff, so a workout area with all of your gear must be included. It is important to establish these necessities beforehand because that can considerably lower your expenses. 

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
Let your designer know if you have a particular need, such as a work desk or a workout area. Image source: Link.  

Determine your budget

The budget that you provide is what ultimately drives the project forward, so it is of utmost significance for you to know your budget. So starts making lists and writing down prices. start with the necessary things and branch out from there. make sure to leave some wiggle room for some unexpected costs. You never know when you’ll need a repair or two, how hefty the shipping costs can get, and what amazing piece of decor you’ll fall in love with. 

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
Determining your budget upfront will save you a lot of headaches. Image source: Link.  

Average costs

Now that you’ve determined all f the above it is time to browse some realistic interior design costs. The usual interior designer cost goes from $2,000 up to $12,000, without the furniture. On that note, many interior designers will charge you an hourly rate between $50 and $500. If there are no architectural needs, some interior designers will opt t charge you a flat fee that will usually include all of the revisions needed before the project is finished.

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
Don’t be shy, let your designer know about the trends you like. Image source: Link.  

Some interior designers charge a monthly fee which is paid upfront each month before the job is completed. Some determine their price based n the square footage of the space. This particular way of pricing structure is usually reserved for large spaces, such as commercial or hospitality projects. Often used type of pricing is also commission. That basically means that your designer will buy everything your space needs at a discount, and then charge you the full retail price, taking the difference as their fee. The last and rarely used way of pricing is through percentages. That means that the designer’s price is calculated by multiplying the percentage of the total cost.

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Your space should have your personal stamp. Image source: Link.  

How can you save money?

Well, you can always take the obvious route and try doing everything by yourself, but if you wanted to do that you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Fortunately for you, we have another less drastic solution. You can always employ the services of an online interior designer and save literally thousands of dollars. Online interior design services can cost anywhere from $70 to $2000, with the fees being typically flat. There is a variety of online interior design services, make sure to visit forums and read the reviews before you choose one.

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
Save money by hiring online. Image source: Link.  

So there you go! We hope our extensive analysis helped. Whichever route you decide to take when it comes to your interior design, make sure it has your own personal stamp. Try not to lose yourself in trends, prices, and other people’s opinions. It’s the interior designer’s job to make your space look stylish and awe-inspiring, but your individuality should always be woven into it and easy to spot. 

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
How much does hiring an interior designer really cost and do you need one?

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
How much does hiring an interior designer really cost and do you need one?

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
How much does hiring an interior designer really cost and do you need one?

Interior_Design - Interior_Designer_Cost - Interior_Design_Trends
How much does hiring an interior designer really cost and do you need one?




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