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Record-Breaking Mosaic Art Around the World

(3 min read) Mosaics are a centuries-old art form, but their popularity hasn’t waned with time. They can be found all over the world, from villas and museums to sidewalks and public spaces. Mosaic artwork is everywhere. 

But have you ever wondered how giant is the world’s largest mosaic? What’s the greatest number of people who’ve worked together on mosaic art? What kinds of materials have mosaic designs been made out of? We decided to search the internet to discover record-breaking mosaic art around the world and where to possibly find them. 

Largest intact ancient mosaic

Largest Mosaic Mosaic, Mosaic Design, Roman Mosaic Artwork
Photo by the Museum Hotel Antakya. Image Source: Colossal.

Largest Mosaic Mosaic, Mosaic Design, Roman Mosaic Artwork
Photo by the Museum Hotel Antakya.

Ancient Roman mosaics are often rediscovered as worn and weathered fragments. But in Ankara, Turkey, archaeologists have unearthed a whopping 836 square-meter geometric floor mosaic. Book a trip to the Museum Hotel Antakya if you want to see this grand mosaic design. 

Largest recyclable mosaic 

Largest Mosaic Mural, Mosaic Designs, Mosaic Artwork
Image Source: Khaleej Times.

Mosaic artwork is eco-friendly, but the people of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi took recycling to a whole new level with a 1,015 square-meter design made from recycled materials. Among the items used to make this massive work are plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard collected from the city. The mosaic depicts the transformation of the United Arab Emirates (of which Abu Dhabi is the capital). This piece was unveiled in January 2020 but was recycled afterward.

Largest mosaic egg

Egg mosaic Artwork, World's largest mosaic egg, Mosaic Designs
Image by Théo Paul on Flickr (CC BY 2.0). Image Source: Atlas Obscura.

The world’s largest mosaic egg weighs 1,800 kilos and stands at 3.5 meters tall. Created by artist Marja van Woerkom, it took her two years to build the mosaic art. You can see the egg and many other mosaic sculptures in her garden and studio in Hilversum, a city about 35 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Largest ceramic mosaic

Larget ceramic mosaic, mosaic mural design, mosaic artwork
Photo by Diggers2004 on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0). Image Source: Lonely Planet.

The world record for the largest ceramic mosaic goes to a four-kilometer-long artwork in Hanoi, Vietnam. The colorful tile mural lines busy roads, uses locally produced ceramics and depicts different periods in Vietnam’s history. It was completed in 2010, although the mural continues to grow.

Mosaic-making redefined

Vincent Van Gogh mosaic mural, Mosaic reproduction, Mosaic Design
Photo by Guinness World Records.

The tradition of mosaic art continues, albeit with a wide array of materials. In recent years, groups and organizations worldwide have attempted to build large-scale mosaic designs with all sorts of household items. We’ve seen montages made of staple wire, stickers, and polo shirts. Mosaic artworks created from beads, plates, origami, envelopes, and bottle caps have also broken records. Unfortunately, many of these mosaics were temporary displays. Still, the effort that went into putting each one together is worth applauding.

Mosaic Design, Mosaic Artwork, Roman Mosaic Art

Mosaic Design, Mosaic Artwork, Roman Mosaic Art




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    These are so cool! The recyclable one is my favorite.

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    These are beautiful mosaic artwork. I particularly loved the one in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Amazing creativity!

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    June 26, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    each is beautiful and unique! I love how important theme is raised through the art with recycling moment and how we see a glimpse of the past through the floors of ancient places (I will never forget mosaics museum in Cyprus). I like a ceramic mosaic of Vietnam so much, the art is incredibly cute and it makes me smile too

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    June 27, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    Ancient Roman mosaics look so awesome. I wonder how they made every mosaic look perfect.

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