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How to Clean Your Bathroom Tiles in 5 Easy Steps

(5 min read) One of the few things that almost every human has in common is the united need as a species to dispose of our waste or to eliminate any sign of our poo and pee. That’s how bathrooms came to be.

Another thing is, bathrooms are one of the most frequently visited places for pretty much everyone, for as long as they live. So when that precious place of yours is always filthy, or even not at its cleanest, it may prove to be the culprit behind your lack of excitement on your way to the bathroom.

Floral Bathroom tiles
Floral Motif Tiles.

If it is, then that’s fine because it’s recoverable; all you need to do is follow this quick and easy clean guide for the best way to clean your bathroom tiles. These will not take up too much of your time, nor will they tax you in terms of labor. It’s super easy, follow my instructions and you will be alright.

Fun Fact: Cats possess the need to eliminate their excretion, kind of similar to what we humans do. For instance, they sweep their waste with liter material, while we humans flush the water.

1. Keep Your Floor Dry And Clean

Gorgeous Bathroom Mosaic Tiles
Gorgeous Bathroom Tiles.

Beautiful Rug tiles
Stunning Rug Tiles.

Be sure to dry broom away all the dust from the floor. You could very quickly vacuum as well. This is important because having a wet bathroom floor may prove difficult for you to clean some sticky gunk, which you could have if it were dry.

2. Be Consistent

Stunning bathroom tiles
Bathroom Mosaic Tiles.

Ceramic mosaic bathroom tiles
Ceramic Tile Rug.

Don’t just plan on using stronger cleaning agents and hotter water to clean your tiles. This will only accelerate the discoloration of your tiles. So, the trick is to be a regular. Once a week is fine.

Also, one thing you should NOT do is ignore the grout line. Firstly, if it starts getting dirty, it will take away the beauty out of your bathroom, as it will pop more to the eyes. So be sure to pay just as much attention as you pay your tiles.

3. Know Your Cleaning Agent

Victorian tile flooring
Victorian looking flooring.

You don’t have to break your back and get your self industry grade chemicals and bleachers to remove bathroom and tile stains. Just get a few of the cleaning essentials I will list below. You will find them in your local grocery store.

  • Disinfecting Tile Cleaner for all the tiled surfaces.
  • Disinfecting Toilet Cleaner.
  • Heavy-duty rubber gloves, preferably with spike patterned fingertips for scrubbing.
  • Toilet Brush.
  • Sandpaper.
  • 2 Buckets worth of Hot Water.

Try not to follow those DIY videos if they are not covering ALL the aspects of cleaning tiles. I say this because some tiles will get eroded by materials or substances with acidic pH levels, whereas others will stand through the test of time.

So these tile and bathroom cleaners are usually neutral to the bathroom floor and will not erode whatever form of tile you may be using.

4. One-Plane At A Time

Beautiful decorative mosaic tiles
Decorative Mosaic Tiles.

This is where it would turn to a horror story for me back in my college days. When I first got handed the adult responsibility of cleaning up my toilet for the first time came with a few challenges.

The major and the scary one was me trying to clean up everything all at once. One minute I’m scrubbing the year-old skid mark left by the previous tenant, while I jump into cleaning half the toilet before switching to another part which I could have and should have handled chronologically in a thought out manner.

So target one side or one part of your washroom and finish it. Move onto the next one.

I strategically plan out my bathroom cleansing steps. The commode comes first because you have to let the toilet cleaner sit on it for a while, and you can move on to the next part of your cleaning regimen as you wait. Plus, cleaning the toilet does not get in the way of cleaning other sections of your bath; for instance, if you clean your bathroom floor first, then you will have to wait until you are done to move on to cleaning the toilet.

I go for the walls next, and then the basin, and then the floor. This way, the dirty water dripping from the wall while cleaning will not affect the floor, and I save the bathroom mirror for the last so that no droplets of water and foam can get on the mirror’s surface.

5. Steam Clean

Stunning floor mosaic tiles
Stunning Mosaic Tiles by Sicis.

This is not an absolute essential, but if you can add it to your tile cleaning regimen, then it will be of great value to you. The physical labor of scrubbing the floor and your walls hard will not be necessary.

Steam cleaners generate high-pressure steam and the high temperature will wipe clean your tiled floor and wall off any dirt, virus, and bacteria that may have piled up there.

Fitness Tip: Manually scrubbing the floor with your bare hands will tone and improve the strength of your arms and shoulders.

In Conclusion

This is something you should always do, no matter how intense this may seem. Firstly, it will not take you more than an hour to do all this. Secondly, you have to do this once every ten days at max, so investing 2.5 to 3 hours a month isn’t too bad.

Try adding a plant or two in your bathroom. It will feel and be cleaner; the air will be purified, the aroma will be mesmerizing, and will feel generally okay. You can try out orchids, vines, and cacti.




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Sakib Shadman

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