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Caring For Your Mosaic Artwork

(3 min read) If you have mosaic art in your home, you are part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years and is found across the globe. Whether your mosaic piece is a kitchen backsplash, decorative mural, or bathroom design, you’ll want to clean it regularly to maintain its shimmer.

Anemones, Bathroom Mosaic Backsplash by © Mosaics Lab.

Caring for your mosaic doesn’t have to be difficult. A well-fixed mosaic is treated the same way you would clean your floor or wall tiles. Special tools or cleaning agents aren’t necessary for caring for most contemporary mosaic art masterpieces. After all, we only use the best natural marble, granite, stone, and glass in our mosaic tiles. As such, our mosaic artworks are naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Routine cleaning

Scarlet Haven, Mosaic Mural by © Mosaics Lab.

For routine cleaning, we recommend a mild detergent mixed with water. Diluted solutions are always better for mosaic tiles. Also, use a soft sponge or a piece of cloth. Avoid hard-bristled tools like scrub brushes and abrasive sponges, as these might scratch your tiles. Rinse off the surface of your mosaic art, and dry it with a cloth. Do not wax any part of the mosaic.

Removing stains

Girl Power, Mosaic Artwork by © Eileen McDonough.

Do not let stains sit on the mosaic’s surface for an extended period. Clean promptly. To remove hard water stains or soap scum, let the detergent solution soak for about 10 minutes.

Vacuuming and mopping

Art Deco-inspired floor mosaic, Mosaic Rug by © Mosaics Lab.

If you have a floor mosaic inlay, you can vacuum your mosaic art to keep it clean and shiny. If you prefer sweeping or mopping, do so with a soft broom. After sweeping, mix a mild detergent with water. Just as with routine cleaning, rinse off the surface of your mosaic inlay, and dry it with a cloth to remove excess liquid.

Do not drag furniture or other items. That way, these objects won’t’ scratch or mark your mosaic tiles.

Cleaning special mosaics

Happy Seahorses, Swimming Pool Mosaic Artwork by © Mosaics Lab.

Check on the condition of your mosaic, particularly the grout, once a year. Here are more practical reminders for certain types of mosaic tiles.

Glass. Many products are marketed as professional mosaic cleaners, but in our experience, generic glass cleaners are more than enough to keep glass mosaics looking beautiful.

Marble. If your mosaic is made from marble tiles, ensure that no acidic or abrasive cleaners are used.

Swimming pool mosaics. Mosaic tiles in your swimming pool require special cleaning. Calcium buildup can occur on the tiles, so getting rid of stubborn water lines is necessary. Along with regular pool maintenance, you will need to do a deep clean once a year. Drain the water and let the pool dry. Scrub a mixture of baking soda and water on the water lines with a stiff sponge or brush. Rubbing in a circular motion helps removes the watermarks. Once your pool is stain-free, clean it as you would other mosaics (with mild detergent and water).

Cleaning mosaic tiles play an important role in maintaining their stunning appearance. Keep your mosaics clean, and let the decorative art entice you and your guests.

Contact us for your maintenance questions.

Circe Indiviosa by John William Waterhouse, Outdoor Mosaic Mural by © Mosaics Lab.

Feel free to speak with your mosaic installer about caring for your mosaic art, especially the grout in between tiles. If you have an antique mosaic in your space, get in touch with an experienced conservator. Serious damage, such as missing tiles or cracks appearing, should be repaired immediately by mosaic professionals.

If you have questions about cleaning and maintaining your Mosaics Lab custom mosaic, we are happy to help. Send us a message at [email protected].

Caring For Your Mosaic Art.

Caring For Your Mosaic Art.

Caring For Your Mosaic Art.

Caring For Your Mosaic Art.

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  1. Stephanie
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    This all makes sense for keeping it clean except for draining a pool. At least, living in South Florida most of my life, you can’t EVER drain a pool or it will damage the entire structure because of the high water table. We have been having grout issues in the mosaic in my shower and plan to regrout that soon.

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