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20 Sep 2017

The Magic of Mosaics: How Mosaics Transform Exterior Spaces

(2 min read) Part 2: Home Exterior Spaces   Due to their weather-resistant nature mosaics are an ideal option to add color and magic to any outdoor settings. So let’s explore some of these options, starting with the front of the house. ENTRANCE Start by asking yourself what you would

10 Aug 2017

Inspiring Simplicity: How to Decorate a Minimalist Home

Less is definitely more. For a minimalist lifestyle, at least. Imagine stepping into a home with large bare walls, plenty empty spaces, a carefully handpicked decor in one corner and, perhaps, windows that open to serene lake views? We bet you don’t mind walking barefoot inside your home all day

03 Aug 2017

Deep in the Blues: 3 Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Home with Blue

Blue is the color that soothes the soul, and the right shades may bring continuous bouts of summery vibe inside your home the whole year. Indeed, decorating with blue tones can be exciting because of the many endless looks you can achieve with it. And with the right pieces, your



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