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Who doesn’t love a good statement wall? A statement wall has the power to transform a room, making you look like a home decor genius in the process. You see, most people are under the impression that it takes design daring and style savvy to pull off a statement wall with success. Yet the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on for three easy ways to incorporate a statement wall into your very own home.


custom-made contemporary mosaic design provided by Mosaics Lab on mosaicslab.com
(Photograph was provided by NONAGON.style)

The most obvious way to add a statement wall to a room is to play with color. Simply pick a wall (we recommend one with a striking architectural feature, such as a chimney breast or alcove) and paint it with a color that creates a nice contrast. For a high impact approach, go crazy and add a bright bold hue to an otherwise neutral room. Just remember to pull everything together by ensuring your room features a handful of design accents of the same color. Alternatively, for something a little calmer, opt for a complementary tonal shade in keeping with your overall aesthetic.


custom-made contemporary mosaic design provided by Mosaics Lab on mosaicslab.com
(Porcelain Wall Image was provided by NONAGON.style)

For a sophisticated approach to the statement wall, consider art. Be it a hand-painted mural or a custom mosaic, an arty statement wall is the ultimate way to show off your personality and style. Just remember that when it comes to art, there are no rules. Don’t be fooled into thinking art is restricted to a pretty watercolor or an abstract canvas – the most important thing is that it appeals to your aesthetic sense.

custom-made mosaic artwork provided by Mosaics Lab on mosaicslab.com
(Mosaic Artwork of Picasso's Le Reve was provided by Mosaics Lab)


custom-made contemporary mosaic design provided by Mosaics Lab on mosaicslab.com
(Caspar Bonta Studio Loft Photo was provided by NONAGON.style)

When most people consider adding a statement wall, their first thought is usually about how to make the wall in question visually distinctive – but wouldn’t it be interesting to throw some textural difference into the mix too? Wood panels, embossed leather padding, exposed brick … the options are endless. For a truly contemporary look, try adding a textured statement wall to a minimalist space for the perfect balance of warmth and modernity.

These are just a few ideas on how to pull off an impressive statement wall. There are different other ways like a collage of frames or art or maybe an indoor wall garden. We would love to hear your suggestions on what would make an awesome statement wall in the comments section below.

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