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10 amazing female artists who are changing the mosaic art scene

(6 min read) Every March 8, on International Women’s Day, the world celebrates the many achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for establishing gender equality.

Mosaics Lab joins the global community as it comes together to celebrate women’s achievements, especially in the visual arts. This week, we will showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity. We will shine a spotlight on 10 women artists who make amazing contemporary mosaic art.

Elaine Goodwin

Elaine Goodwin Mosaic Artist
Elaine Goodwin lives and works at her gallery home in Burgundy, France

Born in England, Elaine Goodwin pursued a bachelor’s degree in art training from the Exeter College of Art and Design. In 2010, she was awarded by the University of Exeter an honorary doctorate for her outstanding contribution to the world of art. In the same year, Elaine was made an honorary fellow of the university’s College of Humanities. In 2013, Elaine was made an honorary fellow of the university’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.

Mosaic Artwork by Elaine Goodwin
The Vine: Autumn Mosaic Artwork by © Elaine Goodwin

Elaine is a proud member of the Chelsea Arts Club in London. Her public commissions and murals can be seen in England, Scotland, and India. Elaine’s mosaic artwork has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, and Japan, among other countries.

Mosaic Design by Elaine Goodwin
Impotentia (quadriptych) Mosaic Design by © Elaine Goodwin

Caroline Jariwala

Mosaic Artist: Caroline Jariwala
Caroline Jariwala considers herself an ethical mosaic artist.

Caroline Jariwala is a painter, lecturer, exhibit organizer, and community artist. Caroline’s Mango Mosaics uses the picassiette method, giving old and discarded china a new sense of beauty. Her public art can be found in the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, and Chile.

Mosaic Design by Caroline Jariwala
Desi Pub Project 2016 Mosaic Artwork by © Caroline Jariwala

Caroline began her artistic practice as a painter interpreting Italian Renaissance art with Hindu iconography. In more recent years, she has shifted her creative approach to the art of modern mosaics.

Mosaic Design by Caroline Jariwala
Front Garden Mosaic Design by © Caroline Jariwala

Follow Caroline Jariwala @mangomosaics on Instagram

Eileen McDonough

Mosaic Artist: Eileen McDonough
Eileen McDonough uses ceramic tiles, industrial metallic tile, antique tiles, and stone.

From her early beginnings in corporate America to exhibitions in Portugal and the United States, Eileen’s story is as colorful and resilient as her work. The artist fell in love with the ancient art of mosaics more than 20 years ago, and that passion for mosaics thrives to this day.

Mosaic Artwork by Eileen McDonough
Mona em Lisboa Mosaic Artwork by © Eileen McDonough

Eileen’s use of color and choice of versatile subjects established her as a mosaic artist. An exceptional approach to contrast and sensible background building elevates Eileen to the pinnacle of contemporary mosaic art.

Mosaic Art by Eileen McDonough
All You Need Is Love Mosaic Design by © Eileen McDonough

Follow Eileen McDonough @lisbonmosaics on Instagram

Pamela Mauseth

Mosaic Artist: Pamela Mauseth
Pamela Mauseth renders the natural world and religious subjects in realism as well as abstraction.

Pamela Mauseth is a versatile mosaic artist. Although a native of Seattle, Washington, USA, Pamela now lives 30 miles east of the city. Pamela’s first commission was for the New Skete Monastery in Cambridge, New York. Many couldn’t believe that the modern mosaic of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio was made by an amateur.

Mosaic Design by Pamela Mauseth
Madonna and Child Mosaic Art by © Pamela Mauseth

Since then, Pamela’s glorious mosaics tackle a broad range of subjects, from religious to nature to abstract motifs. The strength of Pamela’s artistic expression comes from her use of diverse sources of inspiration. Pair that with an impeccable application of color and craftsmanship, and it’s clear that Pamela is an artistic force to be reckoned with.

Mosaic Art by Pamela Mauseth
Without Borders Mosaic Design by © Pamela Mauseth

Krystie Rose Millich

Mosaic Artwork by Krystie Rose Millich
Krystie Rose Millich loves colorful palettes, especially in Indian and Mexican art, imagery, and folklore.

Even at a young age, Krystie Rose Millich has always had a passion for collage, sculpture, and assemblage. These art styles prominently show in her mosaic mixed-media works. In 2009, after leaving her nonprofit job, she decided to rekindle her creative spirit by being a full-time artist and art educator.

Mosaic Design by Krystie Rose Millich
Reach of the Sacred Hear Mosaic Artwork by © Krystie Rose Millich

Krystie Rose considers her works to be contemporary mosaic art. She crafted her first mosaic at age four and studied the art through reading books. It was a workshop at the Kasha Kiri Gallery in Denver that inspired her to follow an artistic path.

Mosaic Art by Krystie Rose Millich
Rock Paper Scissor Mosaic Art by © Krystie Rose Millich

Feel free to follow Krystie Rose Milllich on Instagram @k_rose_millich_mosaic_artwork

Carrie Reichardt

Mosaic Artist: Carrie Reichardt
Carrie Reichardt is an outspoken advocate for art as therapy.

Carrie Reichardt pursued a First Class degree in Fine Art at Leeds University. Her artistic career spans many media, including film, performance, and sculpture. She is best known as a ceramicist and mosaic artist, working on public murals.

Mosaic Art by Carrie Reichardt
The Treatment Rooms mosaic design by © Carrie Reichardt

A rebel revered in anti-establishment circles, Reichardt’s focus on contemporary mosaic art places her within an artistic tradition that goes back to British textile designer and activist William Morris.

Mosaic Artwork by Carrie Reichardt
Mosaic Artwork by © Carrie Reichardt

Follow Carrie Reichardt @carriereichardt on Instagram

Jane Russell

Mosaic Artist: Jane Russell
Jane Russell is a retired school psychologist who discovered a love for glass mosaics.

Jane Russell often builds a narrative for each of her mosaic artworks as she creates her tiled masterpieces. She thinks of her art as a Rorschach or inkblot test, but applying nature and abstraction.

Mosaic Artwork by Jane Russell
Beacon Mosaic Design by © Jane Russell

In describing her inspiration and creative process, she says that science and the natural world are starting points for many of her works. Jane enjoys injecting humor into her work, coming up with playful titles.

Contemporary Mosaic Design by Jane Russell
Chimera Mosaic Art by © Jane Russell

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Mosaic Artist: Anne Schwegmman-Fielding
Anne Schwegmman-Fielding’s art can be seen in parks, schools, and community building throughout the United Kingdom.

Passionate about transforming the old into new, Anne Schwegmann-Fielding gives unwanted objects a second life through adornment. She creates sculptures, panels, and installations using mostly recycled and waste materials. Artifacts donated by clients are incorporated into her works.

Mosaic Design Mural by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding
Mosaic Design by © Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Anne is inspired by many sources, from artists such as Indian sculptor Nek Chand to bejeweled objects from antiquity. Decorating and transfiguring the commonplace is her passion. Her studio is full of shattered glass and china, among other found objects. Each of Anne’s mosaic artwork brings fresh materials and the opportunity to breathe new life into the everyday.

Contemporary Mosaic Artwork by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding
Mosaic Artwork by © Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Laurel True

Mosaic Artist: Laurel True
Laurel True is a co-founder of the Institute of Mosaic Art and has lectured and taught worldwide.

Laurel True is a public artist, educator, and community organizer focusing on large-scale and site-specific modern mosaics. Her projects can be found in urban and developing areas, and Laurel is committed to arts education and entrepreneurship.

Contemporary Mosaic Art by Laurel True
Mission Creek Mosaic Mural by © Laurel True

Laurel is a co-founder of the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California, USA. She has created and facilitated more than 100 projects over the last 20 years in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

Contemporary Mosaic Design by Laurel True
Untitled Mosaic Design by © Laurel True

Follow Laurel True @laureltrue3 on Instagram

Dyanne Williams

Mosaic Artist: Dyanne Williams
Dyanne Williams is a mosaic artist specializing in fine art mosaics and custom architectural installations.

Like many artists, Dyanne Wiliams experimented with many different media before discovering that mosaics best expressed her creative impulses. For her, creating mosaics is fulfilling, because of the satisfaction with physically building a work of art. Also, Dyanne’s art is a reflection of her learning, growing, and evolving.

Contemporary Mosaic Mural by Dyanne Williams
Visphot Mosaic Artwork by © Dyanne Williams

The goal of Dyanne in making her contemporary mosaic art is to recreate the experience of discovering a natural wonder. Just like in nature, her work is filled with contrasts: harmony and order amidst the chaos.

Contemporary Mosaic Art by Dyanne Williams
Underneath Mosaic Art by © Dyanne Williams

Follow Dyanne Wiliams on @dyannewilliamsmosaics Instagram




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    Your mosaic arts are just so gorgeous! I would love to have a lot of them in my own home.

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